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The Organization is committed To Improve the Socio Economic Development of the down trodden masses of Natham, Sanarpatty, Dindigul Taluks of Dindigul District and other parts of Tamil Nadu State, South India

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| Cow for Kids |

There are 10 remote villages getting benefit and 125 families and 1029 children are the most benefitting through the scheme. We provide cows and calves to each family and the family takes care of the cows and they get self employed and they have to send their children to school and to our tuition centers without fail. Hence the family gets economical improvement and as well the children are getting education systematically. Every year we do add a village to get cows and to follow the same.

  | Tuition Centers |

Tuition centers are the major motivation tool for the children who are studying in the rural villages. All the children are to attend the evening tuition at their respective villages. We do select 18 tuition centers in 16 villages covering 299 children of which 141 male and 158 female children are benefitted through the project. In this project we teach not only lessons but also the co curricular activities including sports and games.

  | Drop Out School |

Drop out school is another vital project where 38 children from 6th standard to 9th standard are allowed to get admitted in our drop out school. They are the children who found dropped out from schools due to poverty and child labor reasons. They are found out and admitted in the regular schools and trained in the evenings in our drop out school. The children are cared well in the doc school and they are given meal in the evening. The children are trained in extracurricular activities along with the games and sports events.

  | Computer Class |

We do conduct computer classes for the beneficiaries in our training centre and 20 students were trained every year. The basic of computers, languages like c, FoxPro, Talley, MS office, windows, oracle, were taught to them. Every year our target is to train 20 students from the rural villages.

  | Education scholarship |

This is one of the scholarship schemes which help the economically poor girls and who scored very good average marks in their final examinations. Such girls who were studying in different colleges and schools were identified and they were informed to the sponsors through BENG and they were given scholarship to complete their studies. Before selection of these girls we went to their homes and prepared a case history and then after analyzing all criteria we selected them for the project assistance.

  | Tailoring |

Tailoring students are engaging in the stitching and producing dress materials as per the need of the society. They are trained in measuring, cutting, designing and stitching the cloths. They are the experts in making women blouses, skirts, shirts, pants, chudithar and nighties.

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