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The Organization is committed To Improve the Socio Economic Development of the down trodden masses of Natham, Sanarpatty, Dindigul Blocks of Dindigul District and other parts of Tamil Nadu State, South India

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We are engaged in creating a positive impact through a collective movement of rural population. This project is aimed at spreading awareness about HIV-AIDS in villages through cultural performances. By using street theater, music and folk arts of native origin, this program tries to disseminate information about health issues in a way that can be understood by common laymen. In the process, it also tries to identify high risk individual through health surveys and tests them for HIV-AIDS subsequently.

  • Villagers in Dindugul, TN, learn about HIV/AIDS through the medium of Music, Dance & Drama.
  • Group Discussions, Screening and Counseling to identify risks and protect themselves.
  • Target Population: 6500 people in 10 panchayats of 101 villages (for the 1st year)

Features of the Campaign
  1. Region Covered
    10 Panchayats consisting of 101 villages in Natham Block

  2. Activities
    1. Formation and training of a core cultural troupe of 20 members 2. Training to seven MERDS staff and 65 volunteers about HIV awareness 3. 2-day training for women PHC workers and 4 counselors by medical personnel from Block Government Hospital 4. Setting up of 5 counseling centers for interested villagers to get check-up 5. Orientation to village heads and get their support to conduct the awareness program 6. Local volunteers identify eligible couples and provide free condoms to encourage people to use contraception

  3. Outreach Programs
    1. Conduct cultural programs in villages: Dramas, dance programs and songs that create awareness about the mode of spread of HIV/AIDS and teach the means to protect against the infection 2. Survey and small group discussion to identify high risk individuals and follow-up 3. Provide referral services for individuals identified to have HIV infection 4. Conducting exhibitions in village schools 5. Special classes in schools on HIV-AIDS awareness

    1. A population of 6500 people from 101 villages were targeted at the first phase of this program 2. Participation data collected from 27 villages show that 2432 villagers from these villages attended the cultural programs 3. 40 HIV patients were identified from screening 216 high risk individuals in this population 4. 600 people have attended the counseling center set up through this program in the past year.

We welcome Donors

We inted to cover 20 more villages. In order to execute the projects we are in need of Rs.2lacs per village for five years.

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