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The Organization is committed To Improve the Socio – Economic Development of the down – trodden masses of Natham, Sanarpatty, Dindigul Blocks of Dindigul District and other parts of Tamil Nadu State, South India

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Goal of the Project
The goal of the project is to make the children to attend school regular in order to avoid child labor. Also to promote their life standard through the cow loan scheme.

Target Group
Downtrodden, who are rural families who are having children between the age group 4-16 years.
We welcome Donors

We plan to develop 500 new families, who are unemployed and if they get a cow it will be great help to improve the financial status of their family.
We request fund to run this project for another 5 years.

One unit  Rs.20,000/- * 500   ->Rs.1,00,00,000/- (for 5 years)
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Even one Unit can be given from a single donor.

History progress
The Cows For Kids [CFK] scheme was started in the year 2004 at a village called Punnapatti. Initially, two Self Help Groups [SHGs] of members 23 were selected for the scheme. Then the CFK scheme was extended to another 9 villages. So the CFK was started in the year August 2004 and the last existing village Akkarai Patti, Attur was given in the year April 2010. The complete details of the CFK project starting period and the ongoing period are given in the annex 1. So for ten CFK villages were identified and 12 SHGs members belong to 125 families were benefitted through this CFK project. The CFK children who are benefitted through the scheme are 129 of which 56 girls and 73 boys are covered in the project. In each and every CFK village there is an evening tuition centre to care the children who are attending regular schools. Beside, the CFK villages there are villages with the same type of tuition centres to care the children who are going to the regular schools. The main aim of the CFK project is to provide economic assistance to the poor families. Thereby, providing employment opportunities to the families, so that they can send their children to the regular schools. Through this activity the child labor practice is reduced and the children are getting proper education without any burden to their parents.

Initially, when we started the CFK scheme on 2004 we found some difficulties in the SHGs group management especially on cow maintenance and marketing. Accordingly, at that situation there was storm and flood affected the whole village which was situated near a river. The flood came inside the village and collapsed many hurts and four of our cows and six calves were droned away. The bridge which was the main connectivity with other part of the town and villages was collapsed and this affected our scheme beneficiaries to have regular contact with the milk marketers. Likewise many of our cattle and even men and women were affected by the serious infections. However, we were able to manage our system subsequently very soon after the disaster. Progressively we manage our selves to successfully continue the same scheme to other nine [9] villages without any such difficulties. The people do understand the impact of the scheme and co-operating nicely well in the project and they are sending their children to schools regularly.

Details of the current CFK programme
According to the goal of the project we select the proper beneficiaries from the SHGs and provided the cows to promote their economic activities and thereby to send their children to schools regularly. The main criteria of the selection is to select the SHG members who are living in poverty and having children in the school going age of 4-16 years. In each and every SHG we select 12 members for the CFK project and provide a loan of Rs.20, 000/- and allow them to repay the loan without interest within a period of 36 months.

After the purchase of the cows with the female calves they are insured for a year. The Veterinary Doctor inspects all the cows and calves for the perfect insurance. He also responsible for treating the cows and calves during the illness. One of the main services of the Veterinarian is to provide worm clearance and insemination of cows. MERDS is facilitating the SHG for a better marketing which are available in the local area. The people are getting regular milk income monthly and repaying a minimum of Rs.500/- to 1000/- as per the schedule. From their income the people can use the money for the expenses of their children, home and cattle feed. While the economic activity is such growing we are keenly concentrating about the children’s education. We started evening tuition centers in each and every CFK village and a teacher is appointed to take care of them.

In 2008-09 the board of BenG decided that the amount of repayment of the CFK projects can be used for paying the tuition centers. From 2010-11 on the repayment of the CFK projects is also used for paying the computer courses and the stitching courses.

Social Performances
The CFK families are being prompt enough to send their children to schools regularly and also to the tuition centers. They also keen enough to enquire about their children’s study. The children also performing their best in their school studies as they are motivated and encouraged by our tuition teachers. The CFK members are having self employment and begin to work hard to maintain their family in progress. Due to the CFK project activities we find there is a gradual development in the rural poor families. Sl.No Name of the village Given No. of Cows Given No. of calves Actual No. of Cows Actual No. of calves 1. C. Mulaiyur 24 24 23 21 2. Poyyampatti 24 24 22 16 3. Karuthanayakkanpatti 24 24 20 16 4. P. Pudur 22 22 20 14 5. Sathampadi 20 20 18 16 6. Akkaraipatti 13 13 11 10 Note: 1. In some of the villages like Pudur, Poyyampatti and Karuthanayakkanpatti the calves died due to heavy infection at the time of suddenly changed winter. Though, the calves were taken treatment they died.

  • Success
    1. All the CFK village beneficiaries find the system very useful and they begin not only to earn money but also to look after their children’s study. For example: Ms. P. Lakshmi w/o Amalraj from the C. Mulaiyur village who is the mother of the two children called Rajasurya and Karthikraja find the CFK system very useful. Now she earns reasonable income to make her children to study without dropped out and maintaining her households perfectly. Before we implement the CFK project in that village she was suffering to bring her children to school.
    2. We find very useful when the local marketing agency has given their acceptance to market all our project milk with reasonable price.
    3. The awareness among the people to utilize the scheme has improved and lots of other nearby villagers is also approaching for the future loans.
    4. In every CFK village there is a volunteer to help our SHG group to easily handle the milking activity.
    5. The CFK families not only earn money but also use their cow milk to feed their own children and elders.

    Future plans
    • In future the number of CFK villages can be increased. Because there is lot of expectations among the rural poor people and thereby BENG can help the poor families as well as the children.
    • We feel that a separate co-operative sector to collect milk from our various CFK centers and market them for better benefit of our people.
    • The vision for the future is to start milk cooperation in the selected villages and the people can themselves collect and market the milk. Hence they can reap their harvest and get sole benefit out of their hard works.

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