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The Organization is committed To Improve the Socio Economic Development of the down trodden masses of Natham, Sanarpatty, Dindigul Blocks of Dindigul District and other parts of Tamil Nadu State, South India

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Rural women who are unemployed are getting opportunities through this stitching training. Yearly 20 families are getting benefited by this project.

Tailoring students are engaging in the stitching and producing dress materials as per the need of the society. They are trained in measuring, cutting, designing and stitching the cloths. They are the experts in making women blouses, skirts, shirts, pants, chudithar and nighties.

We welcome Donors

To teach 20 female students, we need Rs.75,000/- per year as per below expenses:

Teacher salary  Rs.2,000/- p.m. * 12   ->Rs.24,000/- p.a.
Tuition fee  Rs.200/- p.m. * 20 * 12   ->Rs.48,000/- p.a.
Exam fee  Rs.150/- * 20   ->Rs.3,000/- p.a.
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Through this scheme rural women get self employed.

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