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Self help groups

Self help groups


The SELF HELP GROUPS (SHGs) are formed to train rural women who are winning their daily bread through daily wage works. We do have a minimum of 12 women and maximum of 20 women in a group as members. They do save money and lend small loans among themselves. The group will be led by the leader and the treasurer of the group. Our staff will accommodate with them and train them in collecting and lending money among themselves. We do facilitate the group of women to get loans from the banks thereby they can utilize the money to improve their small industries and for crucial home needs. On the whole, we have 300 self-help groups in our target area. We try to empower as much women as we can, through this project. Our goal is to form a women bank so that the group will manage themselves to save money and get loans for their life progress as demanded by the women in SHGs.


About 300 families are getting benefitted every year by this scheme. Women from SHGs are found to be capable of starting their own business. Women from other areas are approaching us to join SHGs and we are planning to increase the number of groups from next year.

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