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Tution Centres

Tution Centres

Target Group

Children in the age range between 4 and 16 years from a poor family background


We are running 18 tuition centers in 16 villages covering 299 children of which 141 are boys and 158 are girls. Each center is assigned with a trained faculty who takes care of the children. Children have to attend their tuition sessions on weekdays after coming from school. They are aided by the staff to complete their daily assignments and they are trained in extra-curricular activities like playing, drawing, writing, speaking and other cultural activities. We do conduct special competitions among these subjects and the children are encouraged by giving small prizes. There is great welcome among the parents in the villages.


We had success on promoting the children to attend the schools regularly. Likewise, the parents are also progressively motivating their children to go to schools regularly. We can see the interest of children on attending co-curricular activities both in regular schools and in our center.

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