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Be the reason for someone's smile. Help a soul to build a better life

Welcome To MERDS

Our Vision

MERDS is a non-governmental organization committed to improve the Socio - Economic Development of the down - trodden masses of Tamilnadu predominantly in places of Dindigul district. Founded on Dec 10 1990 and the journey continues till now, bringing smiles in faces of many.

Disaster Relief / Charity


Women Empowerment

Our Projects

COVID 19 - Pandemic Relief activities

Covid 19 has destroyed nation's economy and people's daily life . BENG Netherlands (our primary sponsor) came up with an idea of distributing relief kits free of cost to the needy and we have covered more than 600 families . Relief kit includes rice , sugar , cooking oil , tea powder , washing soap , vegetables and other essential grocery items click here to view photos of this activity Want to join us in COVID 19 relief ? click here to donate

Providing cows for families

We provide cows and calves to the families who are economically backward thereby enabling them to get self-employed by Dairy farming. They also have to send their children to our school and tuition centers without fail. Ultimately the family gets economic improvement and as well the children are getting education systematically. Every year we do add one village into this scheme and currently there are 10 remote villages having around 125 families including 129 children are getting benefitted through this scheme. click to know more

Tuition Centers

We are running 18 tuition centers in 16 villages covering 299 children of which 141 are boys and 158 are girls. Tuition centers are the major motivation tool for the children who are studying in rural areas. All of them including children under CFK scheme can attend the evening tuition at their respective villages. Apart from academics, children are equipped with extra-curricular activities too. click to know more

Drop Out School

Drop out school is another vital project where children who cannot pursue their schooling are allowed to admitted in our drop out school. They are the children who are found dropped out from their schools due to the reasons of poverty and child labor. We help them to continue their studies in regular school and train them in the evenings in our drop out school too. The children are cared well and they are given meal in the evening. They get trained in extracurricular activities too. click to know more

Self Help Groups

The Self Help Groups (SHGs) are a set of teams formed by women volunteers. Strength of a group or team varies from a minimum of 12 women and maximum of 20 women .Each group will be allocated a fund amount and they will circulate it among themselves to get benefitted out of it. click to know more

One To One Scholarship

We provide scholarship to economically poor girls who cannot pursue their studies to next level. We identify those girls belonging to different colleges & schools and request our sponsors through BENG to provide scholarship to complete their studies. Before selection of these girls, we usually visit their homes and prepare a case study to make sure their eligibility to receive scholarship. click to know more

Tailoring Training

Tailoring is one of our initiatives to empower women. Rural women who are unemployed are getting opportunities through this this scheme. The ultimate aim is to equip them with a skillset which can contribute to their earning. We do take orders from third parties as well as make our own products too. click to know more

Be the reason for someone's smile. Help a soul to build a better life

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